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8 Ways To Justify Letting Your Kids Play Video Games

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When you become a parent, you have to get used to being judged. You’ll be judged by friends and family, by other parents, and by total strangers. And one of the things you’ll be judged for is letting your kids play video games. If you play games yourself, you may already know how great video games can be—for learning, for socializing, and for having fun. But people who don’t play video games don’t understand any of this. When you run into misinformation, it may be up to you as a well-informed parent to tell them where they went wrong. Here here are eight ideas to get you started.  Read More

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The Evolution of a Gamer From a Brother’s Perspective

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I can still remember the first time my sister asked me to play games.

On any random night, I could be found in my room playing whatever game had caught my attention. That night, it was Halo. Too busy blowing up aliens and saving the universe, I didn’t notice that my sister had snuck into my room. She was prone to exploring everywhere, as is any young child, but usually knew to not watch when violent games were being played. Despite my warnings, however, she watched, and with that began her ever-growing fascination with video games. Read More


Make-A-Wish Helps a Game Developer Grant a Child’s Wish

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Abby Mank is an 8-year-old girl who loves video games. Her favorite game is Minecraft. She likes being her own little world, creating and tearing things down repeatedly. Like millions of other people, Abby uses video games as a way to relax and decompress. Games offer her escapism with limits defined only by her creativity.

Most kids Abby’s age aren’t thinking about the one wish they would make if they had the chance. Most kids haven’t faced the difficulties Abby has. When Make-A-Wish went to Abby and her family about granting her a wish, she knew exactly what she wanted—to be in a video game. Read More

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Gaming With the Moms Podcast #18: Something Is on Fire

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Nicole, Linda, and Simone are joined this week by funny writer and mom Meredith Bland. She has 7-year-old twins who teach her how to play video games so she can write her regular column for Pixelkin, The Tech-Less Mom.  You can also find her hilarious writing on Pile of Babies, The Football Girl, The Stir, She Knows, Parent Map, and more. We have a lot of fun this week!

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