PS4 Updates Parents Should Know About

The PlayStation 4 got some updates this week, including expanded sharing capabilities, better pause/resume functionality, and the ability to upgrade sub-accounts to normal accounts when minors turn 18 or older.

New Documentary About Disabled League of Legends Player

Razor is releasing a short documentary on League of Legends player Massimiliano Secho, who goes by the title Handless Gamer. Secho was born without hands and operates the game with his foot instead.

ciq4q0dzabjohtfzatcoA Work of Art in Minecraft

Twitter user Tachibana 11111 has modeled a pretty incredible ancient Japanese village in Minecraft. After over a year and a half of work, the village looks amazing.

Gen-con protesting homophobic legislature in Indiana

Gen-con, Indiana’s major gaming convention, says they’ll pull up roots and move to another state after homophobic legislation was passed in Indiana this week.

Gaming Helps Kids with Muscular Dystrophy Qualify for Trials

Xbox technology is helping kids with muscular dystrophy qualify for clinical trials. Lindsay Alfano, a physical therapist at Nationwide Children’s, says: “The game allows them to disintegrate aliens, which they love. In clinical trials, we need to see that they’re getting better with all of their activities. They have to spend hours with us doing nothing that’s easy, only hard things. Looking at their faces after they play this game where they get to just play and be kids is a lot of fun to see.”

Dragon-Age-Inquisition-2014-WallpaperDA:I DLC Only for Xbox One and PC

Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting its first DLC, but only on Xbox One and PC. PS4 players will have to wait for an unannounced period of time for their chance.

Zelda tv show not coming to Netflix after all

Zelda might not be coming to Netflix as a television show after all, says Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata. Too bad! Or perhaps for the best, depending on your stance.

Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t want to be in Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kourtney Kardashian isn’t interested in starring in Kim’s extremely popular mobile game, it turns out.

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