Have you ever woken one morning and been, like, man, I wonder what it would be like to be a piece of bread? This month’s indie pick lets you do just that, and yes, it’s as weird and hilarious as it sounds.

I AM BREAD is a new PC game from indie developer Bossa Studios that puts you in the role of a slice of bread. But you’re not just ANY old hunk of bread, you’re on a mission. A mission to become…TOAST. That’s the whole premise of this crazy 3D physics game, which is absolutely goofy and a blast to play.

Every stage takes place in a different room of a giant house, and your task is to navigate your way through these obstacle-filled areas and find a specific object that you can use to toast yourself to delicious perfection. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The controls are intentionally awkward, but that’s where a lot of fun comes in. Using the corresponding buttons on your controller or keyboard, you move your piece of bread by grabbing onto objects to pull, flip, and rotate yourself around. You have to be careful, though, because losing your grip will send you plummeting to the dirty floor below, which, if you spend too much time there, can render you inedible. Fortunately the five-second rule totally applies here.

You’re also rated on how well toasted, how delicious, and how edible you are, so you want to avoid nasty things like cat boxes, ants, dirt, and other icky debris that you can pick up along the way. The slapstick humor of bumbling your way through obstacles and the silly acrobatic feats you’ll pull off make your task a funny challenge. I guarantee this game will make you and your family laugh.

Now, it’s important to note that I AM BREAD is currently in Early Access, which means that while you can buy it now and play it in its current state, it’s still a work in progress that the developers are actively improving and expanding on.

Content-wise, it’s all pretty goofy and lighthearted, though like many indie games, I AM BREAD doesn’t have an ESRB rating, so there are few minor things that parents should be aware of. In some stages, you’ll find subtle references to alcohol that appear in the form of empty bottles you can knock over and smash as you fumble along. And the minor story elements—which for the moment only appear as written text between stages—also make reference to the person who lives in the house, who is currently undergoing therapy because he’s convinced there’s a living piece of bread wrecking his house each day while he’s away at work.

Yeah, whoopsie!

Otherwise, this is an interesting, wacky game that’s really unique and a ton of fun to play.

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