Hellooooo Pixelkiners. I’m back from Texas, which is not as sunny as I was led to believe. PAX South, though? Was awesome.

While we were there, I got a chance to play with the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The name might make it sound like Nintendo is releasing the same product all over again, but there are some big improvements between the 3DS XL and the New 3DS XL. Unfortunately the name wasn’t one of them. Anyway, the 3D functionality on the New 3DS XL is hugely better than before, and the weird little c-stick they added? Actually works pretty well. Check out our sneak peek of the New Nintendo 3DS XL on YouTube and linked here.

We talked about the Windows 10 announcement last week, but one of the features we’re most excited about is that PC gamers will be able to use DVR to record their gameplay footage, just like Xbox One users. Being able to share gameplay videos is a great part of gaming. To read more about how Windows 10 will affect video games, read the full article at Pixelkin.org.

It’s been a big week for Sony as well, with a mixed bag of news. Sony is stopping its music streaming service in favor of one supported by Spotify. This new service, called simply PlayStation Music, will be available sometime this spring. PlayStation Music will be available on PlayStation 3, 4, and Xperia phones and tablets.

Meanwhile, Sony is also pulling YouTube app support from their PS Vita. If Vita users already have the YouTube app they can still use it, but there will be no ongoing updates and the app is already out of the Vita store. Also, in case you were using your Vita as a GPS, the Maps app is also being pulled. The Vita has never had the commercial success of, say, a Nintendo 3DS. Despite being a solid little gaming system, it’s been plagued by complaints about a lack of available games. We’ll keep you posted on what this means for the future of the PS Vita.

Okay, so the end of January kind of crept up on us. If you feel the same way and you’re at maximum stress, I’d recommend checking out Keezy’s list of relaxing games. It’s up on the site right now and it’s full of great suggestions for games that won’t get you too excited. In fact, they might even help you relieve some tension. The link is right here.

Our indie pick of the week is the awesome Gravity Ghost for PC and Mac. Gravity Ghost’s greatest pull is its unique gameplay. You play as a girl named Iona who is, well, a ghost. Don’t worry, no spoilers. Iona’s ghost  travels through space, collecting pieces of a planet to heal a black hole. The gravitational pull of each planet affects your movements, and you must break away from or use gravity on your journey. Our reviewer Nicole Tanner loved the calm feeling of exploration that she got from playing this game, despite the serious challenges posed by the puzzles. Check out our full review of Gravity Ghost.

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