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7 Funny Games That Are Funny

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Sometimes life can be really stressful. Whether you’re swamped in school, work, or perhaps your deadline for publishing an article about funny games is coming up, you need outlets for stress.

A lot of people think of games as a way to raise your blood pressure, and that’s not totally untrue. I mean, a competitive round of Peggle 2 with my roommate certainly doesn’t help me sleep at night. But the best medicine for stress is laughter, and I have here a list of games that will bring a smile to your face and light a fire in your heart, or wherever it is that you feel happiness.

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[Review] Sunset Overdrive

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The apocalypse has arrived, but it’s not what you expected. There are no zombies, and no weird strain of the flu has killed off most of the population. No, the apocalypse in Sunset Overdrive is due to a poorly tested but heavily marketed energy drink. Right from the start, Sunset Overdrive is quirky and funny and the gameplay continues that feeling throughout. At the end of the day, this game is super fun to play, but the ESRB has rated it M, with pretty good reason.

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