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Final Fantasy Explorers Review

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Over a decade ago Final Fantasy fans were presented with an odd spinoff. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles used a much more action-oriented, real-time combat system. The big hook was allowing friends to venture together in a static world, not unlike your typical online role-playing game.

Final Fantasy Explorers offers the same quest-driven gameplay with a threadbare story and piles of loot to collect and craft. Online multiplayer lets you play together with up to three other explorers using a variety of classic Final Fantasy classes such as Black Mage, Knight, and Ranger. Fans of Crystal Chronicles and online RPGs may find some enjoyment, though the action can quickly grow repetitive if playing alone. Read More

Persona 3

How Persona 3 Helped Me Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Some of us use gaming as an escape. Whether things in life are too hard or just too much for us, gaming gives us a world that we can to run to when we need to find some peace. Maybe it’s just somewhere that you can be the hero, or change the world, or save the princess, or find people who understand you. When Chronic Fatigue Syndrome took over my life, that was what I needed—a place where people understood me—because I felt more alone than I had in my entire life. I wasn’t physically alone, but when you’re the only person you’ve ever even heard of who is battling CFS, it’s harrowing. Most of all, it’s isolating. Read More