Get Connected Gamer Profile 2Last week, KayLee Jaech and Natalie Jaech, a mom and daughter who love playing video games together, sat down to tell us about their video gaming ways. KayLee started gaming as a kid with Pong and Joust, took a long break, and then took up video games again as a volunteer at Children’s Hospital. Natalie’s a fan of role-playing games like Mass Effect and Skyrim. And both Natalie and KayLee love to play platformers (like Super Mario) together. Watch the video to find out who always gets to be  Mario: “Always. Mario.”

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Linda learned to play video games as a way to connect with her teenaged kids, and then she learned to love video games for their own sake. At Pixelkin she wrangles the business & management side of things, writes posts as often as she can, reaches out on the social media, and does the occasional panel or talk. She lives in Seattle, where she writes, studies, plays video games, spends time with her family, consumes vast quantities of science fiction, and looks after her small cockapoo. She loves to hear from people out there. You can read more about her at her website, Linda or her family foundation's website,