The Entertainment Software Association’s 2014 report, “Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry,” already revealed that gaming is a popular activity in most households—and that adult women play more than teenage boys.

But how do parents feel about that?

Turns out, things are looking pretty good! In a press release, the ESA stated that 56% of parents think video games are a positive part of children’s lives.

2014 esa parents

Straight from the horse’s mouth. (Source: ESA)

In keeping with this trend, 55% of the parents felt that gaming helped them spend time with their kids.

So, go parents! I guess you don’t need us anymore, right?

I think it’s great that the ESA is emphasizing these results, and it’s even more important the parents are open about how they feel about gaming. We’ve talked before about staying above the mom-petition—although I don’t think competing over parenting prowess is good for dads either—or anyone else.

No one wants to be seen as irresponsible, and with negative reports about video games flying around mainstream media, saying you don’t let your kids play video games might feel like taking the moral high road.

But now it’s time to relax. Most of us are playing video games and benefiting from playing together.

My favorite part of this is that parents are using video games to bond with their kids—I think this is why so many parents also see games as positive. When parents and kids play together, it’s a given that games will be a positive part of family life.

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