Malinda felt herself growing apart from her son Dillon when he left for college. “It seemed over time our conversations were less meaningful and … we were starting to disconnect. I could tell it was bothering both of us,” she told NetFamilyNews.

Then she started playing World of Warcraft.

Seeing Dillon in the virtual world brought her closer to him again. “Between slaying monsters or giving tips on what would be better gear for me, he would mention something that may have happened in school that day or ask about how things were going at home. It was how we started reconnecting in a very natural, comfortable way.”

Meeting up in World of Warcraft rather than on Skype allowed mother and son to hang out. Instead of focusing on having a conversation, they were simply spending time together. Dillon brought his mom into his guild and introduced her to his friends. Together they went on quests for gold and glory, and even organized Dillon’s in-game 21st birthday party.

Now, Malinda looks forward to gaming with her grandson someday. She’s not the only one. Joystiq recommends MMOs for family members trying to keep in touch—including grandparents.

(Source: Net Family News)

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