Parents Need to Participate in Their Kids’ Online Gaming

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"On the front page of our gaming guild's website, a young man shared a casual rape joke."It was a startling and bizarre thing to see early in the morning. I was checking my guild’s website while enjoying my first coffee of the day. On the front page, a young man had shared a casual rape joke. Such things are strictly against our rules, and I quickly removed the link. It was strange because this young man was the last person I expected to do something like this. He was only 18 years old, but he’d always struck me as thoughtful and sensitive. I approached him about what he had posted just to see if I could figure out why he would do such a thing. He was rather embarrassed about it all. He told me he understood why it was upsetting. I asked him why he would do this then, and he answered that he did it “to fit in.”

“Most guilds don’t care about this stuff. Usually this is how you talk to be accepted as one of the guys,” he explained. Read More

Wow Grief

Battling Grief with World of Warcraft

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My stepfather died five years ago after months of terrible suffering that put my mother through the wringer. She suffered from both the physically demanding nursing required while he was still at home and the horrible, futile waiting game as she watched him die in the hospital. I was living in Houston at the time, and I drove to Arizona as soon as the news came. I took my mother home, bought her groceries, cooked for her, listened to her grieve, and held her. But after a week, I had to go back to Texas. My mother was left in a small rural community where she didn’t have any close friends. But despite that, she wasn’t alone. Read More

Big Brother is watching privacy

When You Game Online, Your Info Is Saved. But Who Saves It?

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In the last decade of popular online console gaming, a generation of human beings has gone from tiny babies to hormonal middle schoolers. If you’re a young person, that might sound like an eternity. For older folks, it hasn’t been long at all.

Whether because online games have been with us for too long, or because they have not been with us for long enough, there is a certain “Wild Westy-ness” to the current state of personal privacy. The local sheriff might have your back in a fight…or he might not. The best way to keep your information safe is to try to keep it to yourself, as much as possible. Read More