Looking for some spooky sounds to round off your Halloween evening this Thursday? The Game Music Bundle of the Damned includes some of our favorite soundtracks. Whether you’re a fan of emotive indie Gone Home, or prefer evading space zombies in Dead Space, the music is appropriately chilling.

There are also some great tracks from Limbo, Plants vs. Zombies, Organ Trail, Silent Hill, the Amnesia games, Alice: Madness Returns, and others. Basically, a lot of stuff we like.

Most importantly, the Game Music Bundle of the Damned includes 17 full soundtracks as a bundle on a pay-what-you want basis starting at $1. For those of you familiar with the Humble Bundle of games, the deal is a familiar one. Top supporters get additional prizes (as if 17 soundtracks isn’t worthwhile already), and your contributions work to support the composers:

Why we bundle

Bundling is a fantastic way to bring all kinds of artists and fans together. For artists who are just starting out, it’s important exposure for their content. Artists who are climbing the ranks can share fanbases with one another, increasing fans for all. Established artists can get more from their older titles, while helping newer artists get discovered and gain popularity. Meanwhile, fans can get a great deal on content, and can show their love for their favorite artists in a real, meaningful way (that gets them some fame, too!)

Don’t let that knowledge sit for too long, though, because the deal ends soon. Check out the Game Music Bundle of the Damned at loudr.fm for more, and  spread the word.

Have a Happy Halloween!


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