Discovering Sexual Identity Through Games: A Daughter’s Perspective

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I remember how important it was for me to be able to speak to my mom when I encountered something that frightened me or I didn’t know how to process. She would also do something that I plan to do when I have kids—she asked me to make an argument for why I thought the content in question would enrich me, even if the rating meant I should be a bit older. She was incredibly patient with 7-year-old me when I explained that Tomb Raider would help me learn about mythology, and she was patient when I asked for a game called Evil Zone because it was supposed to have such a good story. What was important for her was that I made a case for spending my money. Other people have different criteria. When I ran into content that confused or scared me: like the first time I accidentally read a romance novel at 11 or 12, she was more than willing to talk through the content with me. For that, I’m hugely grateful. Read More

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10 Easy Video Games With Great Stories

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Sometimes it can be hard to sit down and commit yourself to a game—especially when the game is hard to play. There are tons of great stories in series like Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed, but they’re bundled with mechanics that make them difficult to access if you don’t often play games. Or even if you do play games a lot but don’t have a thousand hours to devote to completing something.

This is a list of games with great stories that don’t require you to have maximum finger dexterity to play. Most of them are puzzle games, some focus on exploration, and others have gorgeous art and music.

These games are also great examples of the powerful ways that storytelling can be wrapped up in gameplay to create an experience that you can’t recreate in other mediums.

Without further adieu, here are 10 awesome story games that anyone can play. Read More

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Indie Games: A Primer for Parents

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Over the past six or seven years, independent or “indie” games have grown from low-profile diversions for killing time between bigger releases into a major tour de force in the bustling games industry. Perhaps the biggest example of this is Minecraft, which was created by one person and now has millions of players all over the world. There are now more indie studios out there than ever before, with tons of new projects both big and small coming out at a steady pace across the entire gamut of consoles and handheld systems. Read More

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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Like Video Games

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This one is for you non-gamers in the audience, all you readers who came to learn about gaming for the sake of someone else, but who don’t consider video games to be your thing. Reader, I respect the cupcakes out of you, and I applaud your effort to learn about a hobby that you don’t fully understand. Seriously, that’s really awesome of you. Read More

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Not A Gamer? These 7 Games Might Change Your Mind.

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It’s okay to not be a gamer. A lot of my favorite people are non-gamers. There are, after all, millions of equally valid hobbies, and it can be hard to find the time or money to invest in a new pastime, especially one that requires (often expensive) hardware.

However, it’s equally plausible that you non-gamers out there just haven’t yet discovered your “gateway” game—that one, very special game that is just so fun, so interesting, so satisfying, that it gives you the confidence to try more games, and then more, until suddenly you’re...One of us!

For me, that game was the 1994 classic Crystal’s Pony Tale. For you, it will probably definitely be something else.

Below you’ll find a few of my favorite games for beginners. They’re cheap, they’re simple, and they just might get you hooked. And that’s a good thing. I promise. Read More