[Podcast] Gaming With the Moms #7:  Todd Bishop Is Not a Mom

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Welcome to episode 7 of Gaming With the Moms! Host and Pixelkin Managing Editor Nicole Tanner leads the conversation about family gaming news. This week we run down some news, some rumors, some hopes, and some fears. And we talk a little bit about parenting styles—from free-range to helicopter and everything in between.

Todd Bishop, editor and founder of GeekWire, joins us this week!  He’s not a mom. But he’s the dad of a 4-year-old girl. Yay!

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Six Downloadable PlayStation 4 Games to Play with the Family

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There are dozens upon dozens of games available to download for the PlayStation 4. This includes many digital exclusives that are much cheaper than their disc-based counterparts. We’ve gone through our favorites and picked six downloadable PlayStation 4 games under $20. All of these games are family-appropriate and designed for two or more players. Some let you work together, while others create competitive scenarios that families can enjoy together. Whatever the case, these games will get you playing together in a hurry without huge expense. Read More