Ratchet and Clank PlayStation Now

Over 40 More Games Can Be Streamed on PlayStation Now… Now!

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The season of giving goes on for Sony, who has added another considerable chunk of PlayStation 3 games to their streaming service, PlayStation Now.

That brings the total up to 300 games, and over 100 of them were previously PlayStation 3 exclusives.

Currently Sony is offering a 12-month PS Now subscription for $99.99. Usually, subscriptions are sold with 3-month or 1-month options. Read More

pro evolution soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer 16 Review: Breakaway Score

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Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
We Used: PlayStation 4

Once in a while the underdog comes out on top. Other times, the established and most popular dog retains the crown. Then, in some rare cases, both dogs are able to make strong cases for themselves. Then you’re left with two great options that differ in a few minor ways. That’s the case between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016. You can read my review of FIFA 16 right here, but if you’re just reading to find out which is better, I unfortunately don’t have a simple answer to that question. Read More

Minecraft Story Mode episode 4

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 Teases Possible Ending For the Series

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Episode 4 of Minecraft: Story Mode is officially coming out on December 22! The fourth episode will wrap up the saga of Jesse and their friends versus the Wither Storm that’s been tearing up the land.

Jesse’s crew has to find a way to destroy the Wither Storm’s command block, and that’s what the rest of the journey is all about. According to a press release from Telltale Games, this will be the Final Battle–at least, as far as the Wither Storm is concerned. Read More

LEGO Marvel's Avengers Luke Cage Powerman

New LEGO Marvel Avengers Will Have Characters From Adult Shows—In Disguise

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LEGO has a handy-dandy way of avoiding making kids want to watch Netflix’s more adult-oriented Marvel shows, like “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil.”

In games like the upcoming LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, they’re using the comic book hero versions of the characters, rather than the sad alcoholics from the Netflix shows.

Jessica Jones will be portrayed as her first superhero alter ego, Jewel, complete with spandex suit and purple hair. Luke Cage will be included as Powerman, and Daredevil will be…well, Daredevil, but more red. Read More