Screen Time Is Just a Normal Part of Life

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Screen time, like processed cheese, was a mainstay of my 1980’s childhood that is frowned upon by today’s parents. I grew up with Saturday morning cartoons: Thundercats, She-Ra, The Smurfs, you name it. I spent hours in the basement of my Brooklyn home on our NES, playing Legend of Zelda and Duck Hunt. We weren’t a family that sat around the table playing board games, and that was probably for the best. My mother had her hands full with three spirited daughters; giving her some breathing room was as much a matter of survival as convenience. Read More

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Parents and Psychologists Talk Screentime and More

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Being a parent and a gamer can present a whole host of challenges. Games are a pretty new medium, and with novelty comes fear of the unknown.

Fortunately, none of us are navigating these waters alone. At PAX East last weekend, I got to see groups of parents and psychologists discuss the issues around gaming, such as screen time concerns, finding the right games for your family, and even finding time as a parent to play games you enjoy.

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The Sims Saved My Marriage

How The Sims Saved My Marriage

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I downloaded The Sims 4 the other day, and there’s been a smile plastered on my face ever since. I can’t help but smile as I hear my 9-year-old-daughter, Bridget, merrily clicking away and discussing design choices with herself as she plays on my PC in the next room. I enjoy how much she enjoys the game, sure, but there’s more to it than that as well. I’m also smiling because we are all still here together, in the same house as a family, and that’s a very good thing. Read More

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Family Time Is Game Time

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As families get busier, our time together becomes even more valuable. With school, work, and everything in between, kids and parents have packed schedules, and family time can become yet another stressful event on our calendar. As my kids are getting older, we are finding that a great way to spend time together as a family is by gaming together. Read More

Family Gaming Memories: NES, Chess, and More With Dad

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“You’re holding it wrong, Dad! Here’s how it’s supposed to be. Like this!”

I grasped the NES controller firmly in the air in front of me, mashing my thumbs up and down on the buttons in a vigorous demonstration of what I—and what I imagine most kids at the time—deemed the “proper” way of playing Nintendo. On the screen, a tiny pixilated plumber bounced up and down in response, doing a funky little dance before head-butting a brick block into smithereens. Read More