star stable

Gaming with the Moms Episode 75: I Hate You and All Your Pretty Horses

BlizzCon took place last weekend and there was a ton of news about Blizzard games, including Overwatch, Hearthstone, Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft. We talk about all of it!...Read More

skylanders: imaginators

The Best Skylanders: Imaginators Figures from the Launch Wave

With a sixth game in as many years, the Skylanders crew has had to create an astonishing amount of new toy figures. While each Skylanders game has its own unique...Read More

song of the deep insomniac games new game releases

Tech-Less Mom: Singing a Song of the Deep

When I discovered Song of the Deep while searching for a game to review, I got very, very excited. It’s the story of a young girl whose father, a fisherman,...Read More

Nintendo Switch

Gaming with the Moms Episode 74: Emo Owls with Hoodies

We were off last week, which means there’s a lot to talk about. Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch! What do we think about it? Well, we already know what Stephen...Read More

candy crush saga

Gaming with the Moms Episode 73: Two Years Late and Destined to Be a Failure

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been confirmed and we talk about the technicalities of whether or not it’s the second game or third game in the series. The new Plants...Read More


Let’s Put the Speed Back in Sonic

The blue hedgehog is getting slower in his old age, crashing into things that constantly knock him on his butt. Sonic has not had a good decade, with critical flops...Read More

Overwatch Halloween Terror

Episode 72: Charging at Tanks with a Horse

Nicole went to Geekgirlcon and it was awesome. We’ve got some new details on Mass Effect Andromeda, thanks to a leak on Amazon. The coolest-looking game ever, Cuphead, has been delayed. and a...Read More

no mans sky

Gaming With the Moms #71: Take a Nap or Go to a Party

On the podcast this week Stephen looks forward to playing Star Stable during the Extra Life Marathon to benefit Children’s Miracle Network. That’s on November 5th. We also talk about the...Read More