Simone de Rochefort

Simone de Rochefort

Simone de Rochefort is a game journalist, writer, podcast host, and video producer who does a prolific amount of Stuff. You can find her on Twitter @doomquasar, and hear her weekly on tech podcast Rocket, as well as Pixelkin's Gaming With the Moms podcast. With Pixelkin she produces video content and devotes herself to Skylanders with terrifying abandon.


Poll Results: Y’all Really Think Amiibos Are Better Than Skylanders?

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The results are in, and Disney and Activision can cry tears of shame tonight because Pixelkin readers like amiibos more than any other toys-to-life franchise.

Which is weird, because honestly amiibos aren’t even a singular franchise. Or a game. In fact, I barely think they qualify as toys-to-life—at least in their current state.

But hey, we gave you the option and you took it!

In our poll, we asked what toys-to-life franchise you liked best: Skylanders, Disney Infinity, amiibos, or LEGO Dimensions. Amiibos won by a sizable margin. The full results are here: Read More

Twitch Plays Pokemon

The Ever-Popular Twitch Plays Now Have Their Own Directory

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A new directory will be dedicated to the famed “Twitch Plays” streams.

Twitch Plays really took off in 2014 with “Twitch Plays Pokemon,” which used an emulator that let users in the Twitch chat input commands. That meant that the entire chatroom of thousands was playing the game simultaneously, a chaotic process that took 16 days to complete.

Since then, more Pokemon games have been played collectively on Twitch, and the phenomenon has branched out too. Current Twitch Plays events include Twitch Plays Dark Souls and the Punch Club promo event–if Twitch can successfully beat Punch Club this month, TinyBuild will release the game early. And, of course, Twitch Plays Pokemon is still ongoing. Read More

LEGO Marvel's Avengers

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Bring Free Captain America: Civil War Characters to PlayStation

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LEGO confirmed today that the Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War DLC for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will be released as timed exclusives for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Oh, and they’ll be free! Yay!

The Civil War DLC will be available when LEGO Marvel’s Avengers comes out on January 26. For those savvy readers who have noticed that that’s months before Civil War will actually hit theaters, don’t fret about spoilers. The Civil War DLC is a character pack and contains these 9 heroes: Read More


The Original Psychonauts Is Coming to PlayStation 4

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Rejoice, fans of the original Psychonauts! The game is coming to the PlayStation 4.

Psychonauts was released for the PlayStation 2 over ten years ago. Now, the sequel has been successfully crowdfunded on Fig. That will be released in 2018.

Psychonauts stars a young psychic, Razputin, and follows his mission to join an elite group of secret agents–the Psychonauts. Razputin runs away from the circus in order to begin his training, but soon realizes that not all at the facility is as it seems. Read More

gears of war 4

Gears of War 4 Will Arrive Sooner Than Expected

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In utterly shocking news, a game’s release date has actually been moved forward. In a Twitch stream for Gears of War 4, Microsoft officials said that the release for the game has been moved from “holiday 2016” to “fall 2016.”

The announcement was made during a special panel during the broadcast featuring studio head Rod Fergusson and lead multiplayer designer Ryan Cleven.

You may get to play Gears of War 4 even earlier than fall if you bought the Gears of War Ultimate Edition–the beta starts this spring, and those million players get to join first.