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Andrew Hayward

Andrew Hayward is a Chicago-based freelance writer and editor, and his work has appeared in more than 50 publications around the world. He’s also a work-at-home dad to a wild toddler.

rock band 4 guitar hero live

Rock Band 4 vs. Guitar Hero Live: Battle of the Band Games

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The music-game genre used to be all the rage. And Rock Band and Guitar Hero used to be the dueling juggernauts. But when sales sagged, both franchises took some time off. Now they’re back and, thankfully, they’re more different than ever. Got a kid who loves jamming on plastic instruments? Thinking about getting your family band back together? Here’s a look at how Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live compare, with some insight on which might be a better fit for your home. Read More

guitar hero live

Guitar Hero Live Review: Going Solo

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Rock Band has returned after a five-year break, more or less maintaining the familiar party-friendly structure of its past installments. But rival Guitar Hero has charted a different course back to the spotlight. Guitar Hero Live still has you jam on a plastic guitar to dozens of popular rock tracks, but much of what’s found within that familiar framework is new. Read More

rock band 4

Rock Band 4 Review: Still a Blast

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Rock Band was the reigning king of party games for a good few years. But then the music game genre became overstuffed and interest waned in buying bundles of peripherals. Luckily, Harmonix’s series took a break away from the spotlight to recharge. Now it’s back in action on new platforms with an entry that looks and plays a lot like the older games. But if you have earlier instrument controllers or purchased add-on songs in the past, that’s very good news. Read More

Guacamelee cheap downloadable wii u games

6 Cheap Downloadable Wii U Games to Play with the Family

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Nintendo has long been associated with family-friendly fare, and the Wii U continues that trend. Most games developed by Nintendo are premium games that run $60. But the online eShop offers access to many cheap downloadable Wii U games that are ideal for your family. Several of these games are under $20 apiece, to boot. Here are six games that are low on cost but high on family fun. Read More

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6 Cheap, Downloadable Xbox 360 Games for Families

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When the Xbox 360 launched, Xbox Live Arcade made digital downloads a reality. And nearly a decade later, the Xbox 360 remains an excellent destination for cheap, family-friendly games that you can download in an instant. There are hundreds of Xbox Live Arcade games available to purchase, but we’ve gone through and picked six that are perfect for your family to play together. And they’re all less than $20 apiece, so they won’t break the bank. Read More