Kepler Interactive and Awaceb have released critically acclaimed adventure game Tchia on Nintendo eShop and physical retail for Switch ($29.99).

Tchia stars a young girl who sets off an adventure to rescue her father from an evil tyrant. Thankfully she discovers a unique power: the ability to jump into creatures and objects, a bit like Super Mario Odyssey. Tchia can fly as a bird, swim as a dolphin, or roll around as a tire.

Tchia is also quite capable as herself, able to free climb trees, perform stunts and tricks, play the ukulele, and sail her fully customizable boat across the island chain.

The open world archipelago setting is inspired by New Caledonia, an island chain east of Australia that was colonized by France.

Since its release last year, Tchia has earned several awards, including winning the Games for Impact award at The Game Awards 2023, Game Beyond Entertainment at BAFTA Games Awards, and Best Audio for an Indie Game at the Game Audio Network Guild.

In addition to the standard edition, the special Oléti Edition ($34.99) includes the Kepler Customization Pack, with costume packs inspired by other Kepler games.

Tchia is also available on PC (Steam, Epic) and PlayStation. It’s rated T for Teen.

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