It’s been too long since we last Mario Party’d. During the June Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced Super Mario Party Jamboree, the 13th game in the series, coming to Switch on October 17.

Mario Party Jamboree will add the largest collection of minigames in any Mario Party game to date: over 110 games! Many mini-games take advantage of Joy-Con motion controls.

Players can explore five all-new game boards, including the mall of Rainbow Galleria, and the Mario Kart-inspired Roll ’em Raceway. Plus two classic boards from the first two Mario Party games: Mario’s Rainbow Castle, and Western Land.

Seven boards in one Mario Party game, nice!

Jamboree will also include a competitive, 20-person online multiplayer mode with the Koopathlon mode.

The Mario Party series began in 1998, combining a roll-and-move board game with dozens of party mini-games. It was designed for local split-screen multiplayer, and was a big hit, spawning sequel after sequel on every Nintendo console.

Super Mario Party Jamboree is a sequel to the 2018 Super Mario Party, and the third Mario Party game on the Nintendo Switch. The most recent entry, Mario Party Superstars, released in 2021 and featured remade boards and updated minigames from the original Nintendo 64 era.

Super Mario Party Jamboree will release on October 17. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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