The Dreamlight Parks Fest event has begun in Disney Dreamlight Valley. From now until June 15, complete quests and Community Challenges to earn exclusive decorations and furniture, inspired by Disney Parks.

The Parks Fest involves a bit of an Easter Egg hunt, but with colored buttons. Certain buttons are found around differnet areas of the Valley, as follows:

– Red Buttons: Found around or inside Villager houses.
– Blue Buttons: Found randomly while fishing on Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow ponds.
– Green Buttons: Rewarded through daily and weekly event quests.
– Flower Buttons: Found around the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.
– Purple Buttons: Crafted with other Buttons.

To earn Green Buttons, you’ll need to complete quests from the following Villagers during the event: Scrooge, Ursula, WALL-E, Mickey Mouse, and Moana. Each Villager wants a certain cupcake each day, and by giving it to them, you can earn their Green Button.

Players can craft buttons to create the new items, such as Popcorn Buckets.

The event also features a Community Challenge, open to all players. By hitting certain milestones, every player can receive a bonus reward. Tasks include sharing photos with The Partners Statue, placing Park Recycler items, interacting with an Attraction, and cooking the new Cupcake recipes.

Rewards are automatically unlocked for everyone when the milestones are achieved.

All players can claim a free Park Recycling Bin, Bench, and Lamppost Banner by redeeming the code: PARKSFEST24.

The Dreamlight Parks Fest ends June 5. Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on PC, mac, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox, and rated E for Everyone.

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