Apogee Entertainment and developer Skydevilpalm announced a release date for the Early Access version of Quest Master. It’s dropping onto Steam and GOG on May 29. A free demo is available now.

Quest Master features a cartoonish, top-down gameplay style that evokes classic The Legend of Zelda games. But it features a clever twist. Instead of simply exploring dungeons, you’re building them a la Super Mario Maker. Nice!

Players can easily flesh out each room of their custom dungeon by dragging and dropping enemies, obstacles, walls, treasures, and hazards. Puzzles can be crafted using levers, keys, switches, and platforms. Dungeons can include multiple levels with pits and stairs.

It wouldn’t be much of a dungeon builder if you (and others) wouldn’t be able to test it out. The Early Access version supports multiplayer with up to three players to craft and adventure together. Completed dungeons can be uploaded and shared with others to rate and download.

The final 1.0 release, which is tentatively out near the end of the year, will also feature a story-based single player campaign.

“Our community has been very supportive and vocal, and we’re happy to implement some of their requests in both the Early Access launch and the new demo,” said Julian Creutz, Lead Developer. ”The user-created dungeons we’ve seen from demo players have been mind-blowing, and we can’t wait to provide even more creative tools to quest masters around the world.”

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