Developer Nightdive Studios, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, have released Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster on PC (Steam, GOG), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox ($29.99). The Remaster enhances the 1995 shooter with high-resolution textures, buttery-smooth 120 frames per second, and upgraded gameplay.

Although appearing to be a classic Doom clone, Dark Forces was a major evolution of the first-person shooter genre. It was built using its own engine that allowed for multiple, larger levels and much more freedom of movement.

The story stars rebel mercenary Kyle Katarn, who’s hired to infiltrate the Galactic Empire and shut down their secret Dark Trooper Project. Through the story the player battles through Star Destroyers, waves of stormtroopers, and runs afoul of familiar villains such as Jabba the Hut and Boba Fett.

Dark Forces was incredibly influential for the genre, and also a kick-ass Star Wars game that boldly didn’t feature any Jedi (at least until its even better sequel).

“Star Wars: Dark Forces was my first foray into PC gaming as a kid, and it set me on a course to be where I am today in the game industry,” said Stephen Kick, CEO, Nightdive Studios. “Having the opportunity to remaster and re-release the title is a dream come true, and Nightdive Studios is incredibly honored that Lucasfilm Games has allowed us to share this classic Star Wars title with a brand new audience today.”

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