Pokémon Day is February 27, signifying the release of the original Pokémon Game Boy games in Japan. And every year, The Pokémon Company hosts a Pokémon Presents to announce new games and updates.

This year’s Pokémon Day Presents saw two major announcements: Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket, and a tease for a new Pokémon Legends game.

Most of the video was spent on updates and news for Pokémon mobile games, including Pokémon GO, Unite, Masters Ex, and Cafe Remix. GO is getting an event themed around the Horizons series beginning March 5, while Unite is adding legendary Pokémon Miraidon. Players can earn the Miraidon license through a special event, beginning today.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket is an all new gaming launching on iOs and Android mobile devices this year. Developed in partnership with Creatures Inc (Pokémon TCG) and DeNA (Pokémon Masters Ex), TCGP focuses on the collection side of the popular card game.

Players can open packs every day by swiping their hand, revealing new digital trading cards to add to their collection, including from way back in the original 90s set. Players can open up to two free packs per day (emphasis on “free!”).

Although not shown in the announcement video, the press release does mention that players can actually play the game through the app is well, through “quick battles featuring streamlined rules based on the TCG battle system.”

The final announcement was a teaser video for Pokémon Legends Z-A, a new entry in the Pokémon Legends series, coming in 2025. Platforms were not announced. It may be coming to Nintendo’s yet-unannounced new console, but also possibly for Switch.

Z-A is set entirely within Lumiose City, the main Paris-like city in the Kalos Region (Gen 6 – Pokémon X and Y). Players will take part in the “urban redevelopment plan” that transforms the city into a hub for people and Pokémon alike.

The first Pokémon Legends game, Arceus, released in early 2022 on Switch. It was set during the early days of the Hisui Region (Gen 4), and involved lots of wilderness exploration, which does not appear to be the case for Z-A.

Expect more details for Pokémon Legends Z-A throughout the year.

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