Daedalic Entertainment and developer Core Engage released a new gameplay video for New Cycle, a dieselpunk city builder launching on Steam Early Access on January 18.

What exactly is “dieselpunk?” Well, it’s like steampunk but a bit more advanced, and a whole lot grungier.

Humanity was nearly wiped out by apocalyptic solar flares, and now it’s time to rebuild. A new cycle, if you will!

Using limited manpower and technology, you’ll need to harvest resources, construct factories, and develop a sustainable infrastructure.

Although natural resources don’t seem nearly as limited as in Frostpunk, another post-apocalyptic city builder, you’ll still have to contend with natural disasters, disease outbreaks, low morale, and enemy attackers. Managing your people and keeping them happy and productive, is just as important as managing your resources and technological advancements.

New Cycle will remain in Early Access for at least a year, according to the Steam Page. It currently features the main campaign mode, two different biomes, and a freeform sandbox mode. Future additions include additional biomes, the building of outposts, and mechanized constructs.

For another survival city-builder to get excited about, 11-bit studios recently announced Frostpunk 2, which is set to release later this year.

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