CrunchLabs, the entertainment and educational company from former NASA engineer turned YouTube star Mark Rober, has launched a new game module on Roblox: Build a Rocket VS Mark Rober.

The Roblox game (called an “experience”) builds on Rober’s kid-friendly, science-focused channel. Players build materials in a laboratory to create their own space-faring vehicles. Then embark on space-themed adventures through a series of challenges.

Like Kerbal Space Program, the game uses real-world physics such as gravity, mass, and navigation, while making literal rocket science palatable for youngsters.

Between missions, players can upgrade their spacecraft at the Crunchlabs base, a digital recreation of Rober’s actual engineering setup.

Fans of Rober’s channel will discover references to big videos and inventions, such as the glitter bomb, as well as teases for upcoming videos.

“I want to reach as many young minds as possible and get them stoked on science,” says Mark Rober. “Many of my former NASA colleagues said that video games like ‘Kerbal Space Program’ got them interested in engineering, and I wanted to build upon that idea and create something both wildly entertaining and deceptively educational to inspire the next generation.”

Build a Rocket VS Mark Rober is playable in Roblox. Its age rating is “Suitable for everyone.”

Roblox is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

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