Tales of Arise was an excellent JRPG with an equally awesome theme song by Japanese rock band Kankaku Piero (“Hibana”), which quickly earned its place in my Spotify gaming music playlist.

The band returns for the upcoming DLC, Beyond the Dawn with their new song, “We Still.”

You can watch the music video above, blended with in-game footage from Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn (which probably won’t serve as the game’s opening cinematic, as the original game’s opening was fully animated).

The song will release on streaming platforms on the same day as the DLC, November 9th.

Beyond the Dawn takes place one year after the events of Tales of Arise. Alphen and his companions remain caught between the two major factions of the Dahna and Renans.

The plot kicks off when they meet a young girl, Nazamil. As the daughter of a Renan and Dhanan, she has ties to both worlds, and becomes embroiled with the curse of the mask.

Players can explore the world again, and see how things have changed since the Tales of Arise ended, while enjoying their full contingent of party members.

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn will release on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on November 9th. It’s rated T for Teen.

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