SayGames and developer Estoty are releasing My Little Universe on PC (Steam, Steam Deck) and Switch on October 5 ($14.99).

My Little Universe is a crafting and exploration game featuring nine unique worlds and dozens of dungeons to explore.

Each world features trees to chop, minerals to harvest, and terrain to terraform. The tiny planets hold over 70 different resources, which can be used to transform worlds, advance industrialization, and upgrade your gear.

My Little Universe supports up to four player co-op as you explore, harvest, build, and battle. It’s a little bit Minecraft, and a little bit Legend of Zelda.

“My Little Universe is a charming and relaxing experience that we want to share with as many people as possible, whether they want to explore alone or with friends,” said Davis Toliasvili, CEO, Estoty. “In an age of fast-paced action, we aim to create a tranquil, all-inclusive gaming experience for casual and avid gamers alike.”

A co-op demo is available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Pre-orders will begin on September 21, and include a 10% launch discount. My Little Universe is also free-to-play on Android mobile devices, and rated E for Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence.

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