Pathea Games and PM Studios have released school management sim Let’s School on PC (Steam, $19.99).

As a new principal, your job is to restore you old alma mater to its former glory. Hire, train, and manage teachers and faculty, while ensuring students are safe, happy, and receiving a quality education. You’ll also need to manage your budget, obey the school district, and run extracurricular activities.

Sounds easy!

Of course, every student has their own interests, traits, and goals, making things that much more complicated as you prepare them for final exams, and their future.

Though it’s released (and not Early Access), Pathea Games has a slew of updates prepared. More clubs, such as Music Club and Basketball Club, will arrive in the Autumn Update, alongside more faculty positions such as chefs and security guards.

“If I were a principal, I probably would have been fired for installing DDR cabinets in every home room.” said Mike Yum, founder and CEO, PM Studios. “Thankfully, I’m a lot better at running a videogame publisher than running a school. But hopefully you guys are better than me at this game, because I keep getting dismissed by the school district for failing to have my kids’ grades up to snuff. Anyway – go buy Let’s School, please.”

A free demo for Let’s School is also available on Steam.

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