There are many options for spending time together with your partner. A trip to a restaurant, a cinema, or just a romantic dinner at home. However, it’s all the same and uninteresting. For lovers of something new and unusual, a date on the web is perfect. Sounds unusual, doesn’t it? After all, you will agree that you can have a cool time with your soulmate at your favorite video game. This is especially true if it is not possible to be together physically.

In our article, we have collected the best video games that will allow you to have a great time with your loved ones away from each other. Of course, it is always a good idea to search for the nearest flower shop and order a bouquet. Even if you are living in different locations, online flower deliveries like can help solve this problem and make your beloved one pleased with a nice peony or rose bouquet.

Lego DC Super-Villains

TT Games has been releasing interesting Lego “toys” for quite a long time. Starting from Harry Potter and ending with Batman, which has a large number of licensed Lego properties. You can’t go wrong by choosing any of them. As for Lego DC Super-Villains, this is a very interesting game about villains and adventures, where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of drive and feel a flurry of adrenaline. In addition, you and your soulmate can try yourself as a brave and daring couple of the Joker and Harley Quinn.

Life is Strange

It is one of the games that can take you on a real emotional swing. It is especially relevant for those who want to get as close as possible to their partner. This is a very vital video game in which you need to make a lot of decisions on which the course of further events will depend. There are 5 episodes in ”Life is Strange”, each of which lasts for 2 hours, besides there is a unique opportunity to independently choose rivals from Netflix presented in the list. The game will give you the opportunity to get closer to your partner and will allow you to compare whether your views on a particular life situation coincide.


This is perhaps one of the most romantic multiplayer shooters in the world. Its essence lies in the fact that there are two teams of half-humans, half-squid, armed with rollers, whose task is to paint the “world” in their own victorious color faster for their rivals. You can play it both online and in a one-on-one format. A great solution for lovers who, for some reason, cannot be together at the moment.

Don’t Starve Together

It is not just a game, but a real survival simulator, where you have to worry about food all the time. Due to lack of food, your partner may suffer, or if there are more than 2 people in the team, the situation is further aggravated. So that no one dies of hunger, you need to act as a team: hunt, plant a vegetable garden and grow food, and make traps. Don’t Starve Together is an opportunity to test your relationship for strength in extreme conditions and learn how to interact with each other.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

For couples who like to mess around and break their heads, this global strategy is perfect. Becoming an Aztec leader, you can play out a whole story and even subjugate the world. However, you should not become rivals with each other, because this will rather a quarrel between you, the best solution is to join forces and fight against a common enemy. Be sure that this game will not only bring you closer but also immerse you in the atmosphere of real competition.

Overcooked 2

It is one of the most comfortable games, the essence of which is the arrangement of the restaurant. At first glance, it may seem that everything is simple: cut the products, assemble them into one dish, and give them to the guests, but the situation becomes more complicated when the real “heat” begins. At each level, there are complications that hinder the improvement of the institution. The advantage of this game is that you do not need to compete, but, on the contrary, you need to work in a team and support each other.




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