During the Xbox Games Showcase + Starfield Direct, Bethesda Game Studios was given the entire second half of the showcase to show off their big upcoming open-world(s) RPG — Starfield.

The Direct was our biggest look at the game yet, showcasing tons of gameplay and developer interviews.

After years and decades of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Starfield is the team’s first new IP in 25 years. It’s set several thousand years in the future, where mankind has colonized the solar system.

Decades after a major war, the protagonist joins Constellation, a team of space explorers. Mankind has made great strides in technology, but found no other intelligent lifeforms. Yet. The main story will involve exploring the secrets of the universe, and mysterious artifacts that may be alien in nature.

The game can be played in first or third-person, with combat involving plenty of guns and explosives. All weapons can be modified with different upgrades. And the jump pack is a critical tool in exploration and during battle. Obviously more Fallout than Elder Scrolls!

Starfield features over 1000 planets to explore, including several large cities and settlements.

Character creation includes 40 presets, and a detailed, intuitive creation system. Nearly every NPC in the game was built using the same system. Players can choose from multiple backgrounds that include starting skills, and opens up unique dialogue options and choices, as well as optional traits with positive and negative modifiers.

And it wouldn’t be a proper space game without spaceships. At spaceports, ships can be purchased, modified, and customized, from major pieces to individual components. Your ship is your home base to you and your companions. Members of Constellation, as well as allies you meet around the galaxy can join your crew and offer their skills, and sometimes their heart.

Ship combat includes dogfighting in space, as well as docking and commandeering enemy ships.

Starfield is also getting a limited edition Xbox wireless controller and headset (sold separately), modeled after the controls of your in-game ship. The hardware will launch the same day as the game, on September 6.

Starfield is rated M for Mature with blood, strong languages, suggestive themes, drugs, and violence. It’s launching exclusively on PC and Xbox, including Xbox Game Pass, on September 6.

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