Sony and Insomniac Games have announced the release date for one of the most anticipated sequels (technically threequel!) of the year. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 on Friday, October 20th ($69.99).

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a single-player action-adventure that picks up where the previous Spider-Man and Miles Morales games left off. Now you play as both fully-fledged heroes as they defend New York City from villains such as Venom, Kraven, and the Lizard.

During the campaign, Peter gets involved with the Venom symbiote, unlocking new abilities and a darker personality, while Miles continues to hone and evolve is unique bioelectric spider powers.

The main storyline will feature both heroes at different points in the campaign. While traveling in the open world, players can seamlessly switch between them.

Pre-orders begin June 16th. By pre-ordering, you will receive two unique suits, one for each Spidey, and three color variants for each suit. Pre-orders also include an early unlocked Web Grabber gadget and three free skill points.

Spider-Man 2 will also be available in Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.

In addition to the pre-order bonuses, the Digital Deluxe version ($79.99) includes 10 unique suits, more photo mode frames, and two more skill points. The suits have been designed by guests artists from across comics, films and PlayStation Studios.

The Collector’s Edition will set you back $229.99, and features a Steelbook case, and a 19-inch statue of Spider-Men battling Venom, in addition to all the above goodies.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is rated T for Teen.

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