Steamboat Mickey is Disney Speedstorm’s first post-release racer. The early, monochrome version of Mickey was originally announced at D23 last month. Now we have a spiffy new trailer (above).

It’s disappointing that the first new racer is a reskin of an existing racer. It’s not clear if Steamboat Mickey is also a Speedster class like Mickey Mouse.

Steamboat Mickey already has his own course included in the Early Access release, a cool journey through the 1920s black-and-white world.

The first season of Disney Speedstorm is set to end on June 5. Season 2 should begin shortly after. The first season focused on Monsters, Inc, including themed events and unlocks for Monsters, Inc racers and cosmetics. Season 2 should feature events to help unlock Steamboat Mickey.

Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play kart racer featuring Disney characters, courses, and unlockable cosmetics. Speedstorm includes multiple currencies, unlockable tiers, tons of cosmetics, and seasonal passes.

Disney Speedstorm is currently available in Early Access by purchasing a Founder’s Packs. When it fully launches, it will be free-to-play, supported by microtransactions and a season pass. It’s available on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox, and includes cross-play between platforms.

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