Blizzard has revealed the latest hero for online shooter Overwatch 2. Lifeweaver, a support hero, will drop along with Season 4 on April 11.

Lifeweaver hails from Thailand, and utilizes “advanced biolight technology,” which mostly means pretty flowers doing healing stuff. He can use his Healing Blossom to charge up a flower-based heal, or fire damaging thorns at enemies with Thorn Valley.

Petal Platform is the big show-stopper, and it’s not even his ultimate.  Lifeweaver can create large flower platforms, elevating both friends and foes above the battlefield. Lifeweaver can use the platform himself, and use his Rejuvenating Dash to quickly cross the map.

Life Grip protects an ally by grabbing them closer and enveloping them in a protective bubble, leaving them invulnerable. Seems like a tricky thing to use, and along with Petal Platform, an awkward way to quickly anger your teammates!

Lifewaver’s ultimate ability is Tree of Life, summoning a large tree that disrupts the battlefield by providing cover, and healing allies.

Hopefully Blizzard puts some safeguard in place to prevent team-friendly trolling by such a powerful movement-based character.

A new Season 4 trailer drops tomorrow. Lifeweaver and Season 4 will begin on April 11.

Overwatch 2 is free to play on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. It’s rated T for Teen.

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