Racing games are one of the most popular genres of computer games and video games. Even if you are far from the world of video games, you probably have played racing at least once in your life! iRacing is a game that will entice many fans to play. This game is really a serious competitor in the gaming market, because it is constantly developing and delighting its fans with new features! Well, now let’s learn more about the game iRacing.

Why is it in this position on the market?

More than 7 years have passed since the game appeared on the market. iRacing still holds one of the first places, remaining the leader in the segment of racing car simulators. The game really sets benchmarks for its competitors!

The range of cars

For a long time, players have been making comments to the developer – the authors of iRacing are interested exclusively in American motorsport. And it was justified, almost all cars and tracks were from the USA, and European transport was almost completely absent. The comments of the players did not go unnoticed. Over the past few years, the development team has focused its attention on global motorsport and special attention is paid to Europe. Now in the game you can see dozens of the most iconic tracks for the world of motorsport, including Brazilian Interlagos, Japanese Suzuka, Canadian Montreal, Mount Panorama and Flip Island, European Monza, Spa and so on. Thanks to laser scanning technology, all these tracks are recreated to the smallest detail, each bump is in the right place and at the right angle!

Contracts have been signed with leading European automakers such as Aston Martin, BMW, McLaren, RUF Automobile, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, thanks to which players can try out new models and get a new kind of pleasure from the game!

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Why is it so popular?

A very important component of success and not growing popularity is the constant development of iRacing. Every three months, users are provided with an update, which usually includes developments to improve the physics engine and to develop a service that currently has no equal in the quality of organizing online competitions, which is a huge advantage and completely or partially replaces the absence of a career mode and the presence of computer opponents.

Any new project appearing on the market of car simulators will definitely be compared with iRacing. And the reason for this is the technological component. For example, laser scanning technology, which gives extremely accurate track detailing, previously available only to professional racing teams, and which was used in iRacing – a game designed mainly for the average PC user, becomes an integral part or rather the basis of most other modern simulators.

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