Global board game publisher Ravensburger is releasing two new licensed Minecraft board games, Portal Dash, and Heroes of the Village, this holiday season.

In Minecraft: Portal Dash, players work cooperatively to cross a field of lava and escape through a portal on the other side. For fans of Minecraft adventure and combat, Portal Dash will feature plenty of hazards to avoid and mobs to fight. It’s designed for 1-4 players (solo mode included) with a recommended age of 10+.

Minecraft: Portal Dash will release in November with an MSRP of $39.99.

Minecraft: Heroes of the Village is also a cooperative game for up to four players, but designed for younger players in mind. Players will work together to build up their village, collect resources, explore the land, and defend against waves of enemies. It’s designed for 1-4 players (solo mode included) with a recommended age of 7+.

Minecraft: Heroes of the Village will release exclusively at Target this November, and everywhere else in January 2023 ($24.99).

Ravensburger previously released a Minecraft board game with Minecraft: Builders and Biomes in 2019.

“Minecraft: Builders and Biomes was a huge hit, and we heard from fans that they loved fighting mobs and also wanted a game for younger players,” said Cassidy Werner, Head of Games, Ravensburger North America. “We decided to give them both. Minecraft: Portal Dash allows players to fight mobs to their heart’s content, whereas Minecraft: Heroes of the Village is a lighter cooperative game for ages seven and up that includes animal companions. Both games are designed in collaboration with the Mojang, so they truly capture everything players love about the world of Minecraft in tabletop form.”


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