Free-to-play seems to be the model of choice for the Marvel Games. What does this mean, and why has it been chosen? Let’s take a look.

Marvel is one of the biggest multimedia entertainment brands at the time of writing, constantly searching for ways in which they can expand their offerings. When it comes to gaming, the brand has opted to create a free-to-play game. This is something that we are seeing across more and more of the gaming industry and it only makes sense that Marvel follows the trend.

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How Does Free-to-Play Work?

As the name suggests, free-to-play games can be enjoyed at no upfront cost to the player. Any player should be able to negotiate a significant part of the game – including any main campaign or missions – without having to pay a fee to do so.

However, there will be monetised upgrades that a player can choose to opt for if they so choose. For example, there could be additional missions or quests that can only be unlocked through a payment. A game might also have a skins system to help customise your character as you choose. Though some skins can be unlocked through the free-to-play experience, many of the best or most popular will come at a premium.

What Type of Games Thrive with This Model?

Though several types of game use the free-to-play model, some of the games that truly thrive with this model of play are PVPs and MOBAs. Any game that is multiplayer and inherently competitive will always do well in the world of free-to-play.

The important distinction that needs to be made is that these games need to be free-to-play, but not pay-to-win. This is an important distinction to make as the latter games tend to be very unpopular with the general populace. There are too many games that have attempted to create a two-tier system amongst players. If paid-for upgrades are not purely cosmetic and instead give some players an edge over others, the two tiers of quality can be met with resistance from those players left with substandard items in-game.

Why Has Marvel Chosen This Format?

Marvel chose this format as it is one that has shown to work across many other games. It is a good way to offer interesting gameplay to players and try to hook them in without having to put money up-front.

With a brand like Marvel and the wealth already provided by the comics and movies, there is a strong chance that most players will initially want to duck in and out to see if this is the game for them. Grounding it in the world of Marvel with familiar characters is a great start, but the free-to-play model might be better for the more casual players who aren’t sure if this is the game for them.

The free-to-play model is fantastic, and it offers a lot to players who want a more casual gaming experience. With Marvel being such a well-established brand, it only makes sense that they try to bring fans across to their gaming in as seamless an experience as possible.

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