During the Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase, Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive announced Minecraft Legends. Minecraft Legends is a spin-off action-strategy game that brings war to the voxel world.

The overworld of Minecraft Legends has been invaded by Piglins. As the legendary hero, you’ll need to gather forces, including enemy mobs, to defeat the Piglins and their Nether corruption.

Legends is a real-time strategy game with a third-person perspective You will lead your forces alongside them with your own attacks and weapons. You’ll be able to direct your allies while waging into the thick of battle.

And it wouldn’t be very Minecraft-y if it didn’t support multiplayer. Minecraft Legends will support online co-op with the campaign, as well as competitive multiplayer.

Minecraft Legends sounds a bit like Pikmin meets Minecraft. We don’t know any other details, but expect more information to emerge throughout the year.

Blackbird Interactive previously worked with Mojang Studios to release Minecraft Earth in 2019. They’re also known for developing space-based real-time strategy game Homeworld 3, which is also due to release next year.

Minecraft Legends will release in 2023.

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