Blizzard has announced the ninth expansion for venerable MMORPG World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Dragonflight adds an all new region, a new dragon-like race/class hybrid, and flying dragon mounts.

Dragonflight unlocks the ancient, previously hidden homeland of the dragons of Azeroth, the Dragon Isles. The Dragon Isles feature five zones, four standard leveling zones and one starting area for the expansion’s new race, the Dracthyr.

The Dracthyr are a dragonoid race and the first unique race/class combo in World of Warcraft. Dracthyr can shift between two forms, one that is more human-like and one that is more of a bipedal dragon. The only class they be is the new Evoker, and likewise the only race that can play as Evoker are the Dracthyr, as the abilities make full use of their shifting forms and dragon-based attacks.

The Evoker can specialize in either ranged damage (Devastation) or healing and support (Preservation). As a hero class, all new Dracthyr start at level 58, and can choose to join either the Horde or the Alliance.

Dragonflight also literally adds dragon flying with the new dragon mounts. Dragon mounts come in four different base styles but are fully customizable just as like a hero character. Dragonriding is a new skill that can be improved to master new maneuvers and survive the dangerous skies around the Dragon Isles.

The expansion increases the level cap to 70 (from the previous “level squish” of Shadowlands), and adds new dungeons and raids, as well as a revamped UI.

A release date has not yet been announced, but you can opt-in to the Beta at the official website. World of Warcraft is available on Windows and Mac PC, and rated T for Teen.

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