Nintendo has delayed the release of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, which was originally scheduled to release on April 8th. The given reason for the delay was “in light of recent world events,” which is clearly referencing the ongoing war in Ukraine, which began with a Russian invasion of the neighboring post-Soviet country.

The new release date has not been announced.

While there are obviously been plenty of video games that depict war, even realistic war, Nintendo felt that Advance Wars’ story of military invasion and cartoonish depiction of modern warfare was insensitive to the current crisis.

Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp is a remake of the first two Advance Wars games, which originally launched on the Game Boy Advance in 2001 and 2003.

The series (which began much earlier in Japan as Famicom Wars) has players taking on the role of battlefield commanders, waging turn-based, tactical warfare on a grid map. Players build military units, capture locations, and battle other units to defeat the enemy forces.

Not-so-fun fact: the original Advance Wars released in the USA on September 10, 2001. Due to the terrorist attacks of September 11 the following day, the game’s Europe and Japanese release was delayed.

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