Pixelated crafting-adventure Terraria turns 11 years old this year, and has received its final update on Switch.

Journey’s End, also known as was originally released in 2020 as the final update to the 2D, Minecraft-like game.

The big update adds two new modes. Journey Mode unlocks many world options and features, such as time, weather, and difficulty. Master Mode adds the highest difficulty level yet, with unique rewards from each boss. The update also provides new items, bosses, biomes, music, and a golf mini-game.

On Switch, Journey’s End adds touch screen support, two player multiplayer in tabletop mode, and UI improvements for split screen.

To celebrate this last but not least update to a beloved game, Nintendo is offering Terraria as the next free game for Nintendo Switch Online members. Terraria will be completely free to download and play beginning January 26, through February 1.

Hopefully it will also be on sale should you wish to continue playing after the free period ends.

Terraria is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Stadia, and mobile devices. It’s rated T for Teen.

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