Frontier Developments is releasing its eighth regional expansion pack for Planet Zoo. The Europe Pack ($4.99) includes five new animals and hundreds of new scenery pieces. It’s launching December 14 alongside the free 1.8 update.

Here are all five animals included in the Europe Pack:

  • Alpine ibex
  • Eurasian lynx
  • European fallow deer
  • European badger
  • Fire salamander (exhibit animal)

The Europe Pack also features over 250 new scenery pieces, mostly inspired by Europe’s chillier climate, including festive holiday scenes. The new timed scenario is set in an alpine mountain, perfect for showcasing a wintry zoo theme.

The 1.8 update, which will be a free patch to all Planet Zoo owners, adds restaurants, shop counters, burrows, and animal memorials. Restaurants can connect up to 20 tables, and feature custom serving options and placement — including in certain safe habitats! Burrows can now be built for burrowing critters to establish homes in. Habitat cameras allow you (and your guests) to watch them while they’re underground.

Finally, animal memorials will add a list of passed animals in your zoo in the menu (up to 200 entries), as well as new physical memorials that can be placed in the park to commemorate the previous generations.

Planet Zoo is available on Steam. The Europe Pack, and patch 1.8, are out December 14.

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