Nintendo inches further into the modern era with the latest Switch update, finally adding support for Bluetooth audio devices.

To pair a Bluetooth device to the Switch, first download the latest system update. Turn on the Bluetooth audio device and make sure it’s in pairing mode. Go to System Settings from the Switch home menu, and find a new option with Bluetooth Audio, then Pair, which searches for any local devices in pairing mode.

There are some important restrictions and caveats, however. When using Bluetooth audio, you can only pair up to two wireless controllers. Bluetooth audio will automatically disconnect when playing local wireless multiplayer games. Up to ten devices can be saved on the Switch, though only one can be paired at a time.

Users may also experience audio lag, which definitely isn’t ideal. Some users have also reported that the audio is relatively quiet, despite using maximum volume. In other words, there may still be some kinks to work out. But hey, Bluetooth on the Switch! And it only took four and a half years.

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