Outriders, unlike most of the other FPS games in the world, provides a unique gameplay mechanism. As a beginner you get to pick one out of the four classes in the game. And each of these classes have their own different skills and abilities that help them in battle.

But here is the catch, once you pick up your class you won’t be able to change it throughout the game. And if you really want to, you would have to start with a fresh new Outriders account from Eldorado.gg. So, that is why we are here to help you decide which Outriders class fits your gameplay style.


If you have been gaming for a while now, you would already be familiar with how some of the classes work, because it’s pretty much the same thing with different names. The devastator class is basically the TANK class in many other games. And if you are someone who wants to make things a little intimate with close range combat and whatnot, this is definitely the class you’d want to go with.

The devastator in Outriders has a unique ability to control the ground and use it to overpower the enemy. This class is perfect if you want to feel protected while you take on your opponents. Piece of advice? Don’t hide much.


Now this here is what other games refer to as the Rogue class. Just like the Devastator this class is also well suited for close range combat but not for long as Trickster isn’t as protected as our Devastator. Meaning that you’ll have to be on the run while you take on the enemies, keep them close but not for long.

Trickster unlike the Devastator has a bunch of unique abilities which allow him to outmaneuver his enemies with the time stunts, teleportation and whatnot. Perfect for someone who loves to pull tricks on his enemies.


Then we have the Mage class for outriders. Pyromancer has the ability to control fire, which allows him to deal massive damage to the enemies. This class is perfect for someone who wants to play it safe, away from the enemies but not too much. Unlike our Devastator, this class is somewhat fragile but takes advantage of the massive fire attacks that deal a great deal of damage.

However, it might not be the best class to start with as a beginner as it takes time to unlock certain abilities to reach the true potential of Pyromancer.


Technomancer is a unique class, not that the others aren’t but this class uses “tech” to overpower the enemies. It closely resembles that of the summoners class. This class is perfect for someone who wants to attack the enemies from a safe distance. The class uses turrets, mines and whatnot to stop the enemies from getting too close. So, if you are looking for a class that does well from a distance, Technomancer is your guy.

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