Gamingo US announced that massively multiplayer online RPG Trove is now available on Switch, in addition to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’s free to download with optional in-game purchases.

Trove features the exact same voxel art style as Minecraft, but leans more toward hack and slash action rather than building and crafting. Think Minecraft Dungeons.

Players can play as 17 different classes, including the Boomeranger, Neon Ninja, and Candy Barbarian, each with their own unique abilities. Recently Trove added the Bard class, a musician specializing in healing and support.

Explore lairs as a solo adventurer or team up with a group for larger raids to gain powerful equipment. Different realms house different biomes and enemies, from Jurassic Jungle to Dragonfire Peaks.

It wouldn’t be a voxel game without at least some player-made creations. Trove has the Trovesaurus, a depository of user-created content that’s submitted and approved for widespread use, including entire dungeons and lairs.

Trove initially released in 2015 on PC, and has benefited from years of content updates and console ports. It’s free to download on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and now, Switch. It’s rated E10+ for Fantasy Violence.

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