The annual Summer of Pride gaming event has been rebranded to Season of Pride, but the goal is the same: to promote LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusivity in gaming. The promo event will feature a Steam sale as well as dozens of streamers raising money for LGBTQ+ charities.

The season kicks off tomorrow, June 9, with a Steam sale that will feature discounts of LGBTQ+ titles and favorites up to 80% off. Last year’s sale included The Outer Wilds, Gone Home, Tacoma, and Masquerada. This year’s sale ends June 23.

Event organizer and game developer MidBoss (2064: Read Only Memories) has partnered with over 60 Twitch streamers, and beginning July 1, you’ll be able to watch nonstop streamers and content creators playing a variety of games that feature “inclusive and thoughtful representation of queer characters, themes, and stories,” including The Sims 4, Monster Prom, and Dead by Daylight. Streamers include 8BitDylan, DEERE, and MiaByte.

All the streaming action will be found on MidBoss’ Twitch channel throughout the month of July. The goal is to raise funds for LGBTQ+ charities such as the Trans Lifeline, Trevor Project, and GaymerX. Last year’s Season of Pride raised $25,000.

“Season of Pride brings together queer gamers from all over the world to celebrate the impact good LGBTQ+ representation in our hobby can have, be it on players looking to see themselves in games or through empathy to help normalize queer life,” said Cade Peterson, CEO, MidBoss. “The rebranding reflects the fact that June isn’t pride month all over the world, nor is it summer everywhere. We want all our gayming fellows to feel welcome at Season of Pride.”

Stream schedules, streamers, and charity details can be found at the official website at SeasonofPride.TV.

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