There are games that a clearly inspired by other games, and then there are those that are a bit too eerily similar in every way. Meet Hokko Life, a life-sim game that looks like an off-brand Animal Crossing. Published by Team17 and developed by Wonderscope Games, Hokko Life is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on June 2nd.

In the village of Hokko, you’re given the freedom to place buildings, collect resources, craft materials, and design your own furniture and items to decorate homes and fill out the rural village. You can also enjoy fishing, catching bugs, and chatting with your neighbors, who are all anthropomorphic.

All of that sounds exactly like the Animal Crossing series, though Hokko does boast a 3D design tool, letting you customize and design individual items, down to the fabric of a pillow on a chair. Custom designs can also be shared and downloaded with friends.

All core gameplay components exist in the Early Access version, which will be used primarily for balancing and bug fixes. One important advantage that Hokko Life has on Animal Crossing – it’s not a Nintendo exclusive.

Hokko Life will launch on Steam Early Access on June 2nd. Full game is slated to release later this year.

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