and developer Orbit Studio have announced a release date for action-puzzle game Retro Machina. Retro Machina will launch on May 12 on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Retro Machina was one of our favorite demos from the Steam Game Festival, as players control a tiny robot in a post-human Earth inspired by classic science fiction stories, and futurist concept artist Jacque Fresco. The mysteries of this bleak world unfold as the robot explores beyond Endeavor City to uncover the truth of humanity’s disappearance.

The robot is equipped with only a tiny wrench, but also possess the ability to hack other robots and seize control, kind of like Super Mario Odyssey. While controlling other robots, you still retain control of your original form by using both joysticks. You’ll need to use this duo control to solve puzzles and defeat enemies though five hand-drawn biomes.

The demo is still available on Steam. Retro Machina will fully release on May 12 on PC and consoles.

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