HandyGames and Honig Studios have announced that El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One on March 25.

El Hijo is a stealth adventure set in the classic Old West. Unlike the M-rated Desperados 3, El Hijo stars a young boy armed with a slingshot who solves each mission using non-violent solutions.

El Hijo, which means the son, is out to rescue his family from a band of outlaws after being separated from his mother. The 6-year old boy will need to employ creative solutions to distract enemies and solve puzzles using an arsenal of toys, while finding good hiding places and rescuing other captive children in a classic spaghetti western setting.

The stealth game previously released on PC (Steam, GoG) and Stadia last December, and is currently on sale for 20% off on Steam through March 22.

El Hijo is launching on consoles on March 25. It’s rated E for Everyone with Mild Violence.

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