Last year Steam began rolling out seasonal festivals promoting hundreds of upcoming indie games via free downloadable demos. Unfortunately you only have a week to play them, so start downloading!

The February 2021 Edition of the Steam Game Festival features ongoing livestreams and chats with developers and streamers.

Browsing through hundreds of games can be daunting. Thankfully you can search by genre, sub-genre, art style, theme, features, and singleplayer versus co-op and competitive multiplayer. Steam will also highlight any demos of games on your wishlist, as well as recommendations based on your playing and browsing history.

Here are some interesting highlights:

Foregone: Slick 2D action-platformer. Plays like Dead Cells with Diablo-style randomized loot drops as your super-soldier battles the armies of the Harrow.

Little Nightmares 2: Return to a world of child-like horror, as the young boy Mono follows a girl named Six in another dark and suspenseful adventure.

Roguebook: The latest in an increasingly long line of digital card games combined with RPGs, Roguebook has the pedigree of Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering, Keyforge, and Artifact, behind it.

Tree of Life: Oddria!: Wish your open world, multiplayer, survival crafting games were a bit more colorful? So do the developers at OddOneGames, with their upcoming open world multiplayer sandbox, Tree of Life: Oddria.

Retro Machina: As a malfunctioning robot, explore a post-human Earth as you search for answers in this action-adventure-puzzle game.

The Steam Game Festival ends February 9 at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern.

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